Media and Delivery Solutions
Maps created using GIS can be delivered through a variety of media solutions.Traditional paper maps can be produced at any size needed. The only size constraints placed on paper maps is based upon the dimensions of available paper and plotters.

Since GIS files and maps are digital, projects are often delivered as a digital map. Digital maps can be designed for simple viewing or interaction. Interactive maps are often delivered with "lightweight" software applications or via webpages. Both standard digital maps and interactive maps can be delivered on CD, DVD, or through the internet.

Animations can be created to illustrate changes between map parameters or demonstrate movement across a terrain. These animations can be delivered via CD, DVD, or webpage.
Cutom application and delivery media
A view of a custom software application and delivery media: 2 disk CD-ROM set.
An example of a web mapping solution.
Property file converted to KML format and displayed on Google Earth
A Carroll GIS makes an effort to provide geospatial deliverables in standard compatable file formats to enable clients with the ability to use Google Earth and similiar "open-source" web mapping sites. Data conversions to Google Earth KML or open source GML file formats are available.
Sample image of conversion to Google Earth