Field Data Collection
Often, unique environmental conditions and characteristics
remain undocumented for smaller scale project areas.
Likewise, within national datasets, gaps and omissions exist.
To fulfill project-specific needs it is often necessary to
document and digitize data from the field. While this would
seem to be time and resource intensive process, the advent
of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and the increased
scalability between data management and GIS software
applications allows for the rapid integration of traditional field

Field services offered include GPS surveys, general environmental assessments, stream monitoring and assessments, geologic investigations, and ecological habitat determinations.
Field data compiled for wetland restoration/mitigation project
Steam profile and assessment.
View a sample field report from A Carroll GIS from field work conducted in 05/2005 (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Field collection of stream geomorphology data
Field documentation of a petroglyph site in Pickens County, South Carolina
Field data mapped with high-resolution, color aerial photography
GPS survey of petroglyph site