Custom Cartographic Designs
Maps communicate with a viewer through a wide variety of different styles. Your mapping needs may be fulfilled by simply depicting points, lines, and areas, or your needs may require detail-rich, color backgrounds, terrain models, and imagery. Cartographic styles can range from general purpose maps, thematic maps, reference maps, topographic maps, dot maps, picture symbol maps, network maps, flow maps, choropleth maps, stepped statistical surface maps, isoline maps, image maps, or combinations of each.

Mapping styles are defined by the data used, the desired message to communicate, and the targeted viewing audience. GIS allows the map-maker to easily depict data in different cartographic styles. This freedom allows for a high level of customization for each project.
Conservation priorities and protected lands
Thematic map showing the locations of salamander count sites.
Species occurence map created for Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
State wiildlife conservation priorities and protected areas
Custom design for neighborhood planning process with Chattanooga Parks and Recreation
Large property tract assessment map: South Cumberland Plateau
Neighborhood proximity to parks and trails for Murray Hills Neighborhood